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Club Points winners

Small (Grade 1) 1st Place - Rebecca Smith and Bella

2nd Place - Rebecca Smith and Willow

Small (Grade 3) 1st Place - Chris Bynam and Gracie

Large (Grade 1) 1st Place - Sandy and Angus

Large (Grade 2) 1st Place - Ann Crook and Sam

Large (Grade 3) 1st Place - Bridget Storer and Cally

2nd Place - Tracey Hunt and Ragnor

Large (Grade 4) 1st Place - Gwen Waterton and Shep

Large (Grade 5) 1st Place - Tracey Hunt and Loki

2nd Place - Bridget Storer and Nula

3rd Place - Angie and Buddy

Top Dog Winner

Rebecca Smith and Bella

Voice Points Winner

Hazel and Di Poingdestre


Grade 1 - Jackie and Bomber

Grade 1, 2 - Sharon Elkins and Barney

Grade 1,2,3 - Rebecca Smith and Bela

Grade 2 - Colleen Banfield and Padstow

Grade 3 - Bridget Storer and Cally

Grade 4 - Jayne Read and Breese & Jayne Read and Bo

Progression 2018

Julie Parry and Bella

Colleen and Padstow

Chris Barrett and Bessie

Mike Hurst and Reggie

Bridget Storer and Tika

Gwen Waterton and Shep