manor equestrian centre RULES

Manor Equestrian Centre is a working business that allow us to rent the space on a Wednesday evening, it is important that we adhere to their rules and don't lose sight of the boundaries set out to us by Manor equestrian centre, please familiarise yourself with their rules and reasons why.


Time: Timings are currently altered due to covid-19. The first class should arrive by 5:30pm if outside and 6:30pm if outside. The second class should arrive ready to start at 6:30/7:30pm and the third class ready for 7:30/8:30pm. We must be off site by no later than 9:45pm.


Gate: The gate is to be open/closed by a designated person on the night and invidual members should not touch the gate due to covid-19 restrictions.


Gate: The gate must be closed quietly, the gate is quite heavy and it is on well-maintained hinges so will swing very easily, if you let the gate close itself it makes a loud bang that startles the horses that are in the stables adjacent.


Lights: All of the lights are to be turned off at the end of the evening, the outside lights and the kitchen and toilet lights are not on the meter that we put money into so we need to respect the Equestrian Centre’s owner as this is their bill.


Speed: Please keep your speed below 10 MPH when within the car park and service road, this is because the site may have loose dogs, horses may be being walked around, and excessive speed creates noise and damages the road way.


Radios: Please keep the volume down, as this is a strange sound that could spook the horses that are stabled next to the car park.


Horns: Please refrain from using your horns, the loud noise will startle the horses that are in the stables adjacent.


Noise: Please keep all noise to a bare minimum, as the horses are stabled alongside the car park.


Kitchen: No dogs and no non-committee members allowed in the kitchen, the Equestrian Centre are starting to leave items in the kitchen that could be picked up by your dog, also the Centre are leaving their tea, coffee, chocolate and money within the room so we need to keep it secure.


Toilets: Please respect the facilities, these facilities are there for other Equestrian Centre users also.


Dog mess: Please take your dog’s poop home with you, as responsible dog owners we all are.


Parking: Please park as neatly as you can, this will allow plenty of space for class change overs.


Rubbish: Please take any rubbish you generate home with you, we cannot expect the Equestrian Centre owners to deal with our rubbish.


Smoking:  There is no smoking onsite anywhere, not even in the car park. Smokers have to go to the end of the lane to the fishing lake.



On behalf of your committee of Wellow and District Dog Training Club rules set out by the Equestrian Centre.