Agility Equipment

This standard jump makes up the majority of the course. The height varies dependant on the size of the dog. The aim is to clear the jump without knocking the pole off.


The Long jump requires a  jump forward rather than up high. The spread of the jump varies dependent on the size of the dog.


For the Tyre dogs have to jump through the hole in the middle of the tyre. 

phone 21012018 018.jpeg

Spread jumps require a bit more power from the dog to clear both poles in one jump. 

long jump2.jpg

The Wall is a solid jump requiring jump to clear it without knocking off any of the bricks.


The tunnel is a firm favourite of many dogs and a great distraction from other obstacles. Dogs have to run through from the numbered end of the tunnel to complete sucessfully


The A-Frame requires dogs to hit the white (or different coloured) section on either the up and down side (kennel club) or just the downward side (UK Agility)


The Dog Walk is similar to the A-frame as they have to touch the white or other coloured section but requires a bit more balance from the dogs

The see-saw is the final piece of contact equipment. When in competition the see-saw needs to hit the floor before the dogs completes the obstacle


The weaves can be one of the harder obstacles to train. Dogs should enter with the first pole on their left shoulder. Training methods include the use of v-weaves or channel weaves